(239) 694-2833

Volunteer Application

The Fort Myers Shores Fire Protection & Rescue Service District (District) has up to 15 Volunteer Firefighters, and positions become available periodically. Minimum position prerequisites are: High School Diploma or equivalent; Florida State Certified Firefighter 2; Florida State Certified EMT or proof of current enrollment in EMT program; and valid Florida Driver’s License. Applicants are subject to background checks and drug testing.

Interested individuals will be required to fill out an application and turn in a resume, with copies of certificates evidencing the above referenced minimum position prerequisites, to the District’s offices at 12345 Palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33905.  For convenience, a link to the application is located on the District’s website on the home page. Applications will be retained for a period of one year. Contact Chief Rewis at (239) 694-2833, Ext. 2 for more information.

The District does not discriminate based on age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or marital status and is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will be selected in the District’s sole discretion. Applicants who are accepted by the District as Volunteer Firefighters may be considered for full time employment by the District at a later date, subject to the District’s sole discretion.

Current Volunteer application period closes on March 29, 2024.