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The Operations squad includes the suppression of fires, emergency medical response, technical rescue, and other emergency mitigation. The Fort Myers Shores Fire Department is protected by three shifts of Operations personnel. Each shift works 24 hours and is off 48 hours. Each shift consists of 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, and 2 or 3 Firefighters. Occasionally there will also be Volunteers and other support staff on hand. See photos of our Firefighters here. The operations staff of the Fort Myers Shores Fire Department consists of men who have dedicated their lives to serving, and saving others. All of our firefighters are Florida State Certified Firefighters and Florida State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s). In addition, since the Caloosahatchee River borders the Fort Myers Shores Fire District, all of our firefighters are also PADI Certified Skin Divers and trained in Swift Water Rescue including canals and other man-made waterways All are trained professionals who take pride in their efficient responses to emergency situations. While the quality of service from the Fort Myers Shores Fire Department has often exceeded the expectations of the community, the operations staff of the Fort Myers Shores Fire Department is always training to improve themselves!  


We respond to a wide range of emergency incidents that require our immediate attention:
  • Fire Suppression – Structural fires, vehicle fires, and wild land/brush fires

  • Emergency Medical Services – Medical and trauma emergencies

  • Vehicle accidents

  • Special operations – Confined spaces, Rope rescue, Trench rescue, Swift water and canal/waterway rescue, Technical extrication, and Hazardous incidents


These activities fill the remainder of our firefighter’s workday:

  • Inspection and maintenance of our apparatus and equipment

  • Training

  • Annual Business Fire Inspections

  • New Construction Fire Inspections

  • Pre-fire planning of buildings

  • Street mapping

  • Public education assignments

  • Routine house cleaning and maintenance of our fire stations

  • Physical fitness training